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Our Chiropractic Techniques & Services

Dr. Carringer practices Chiropractic Orthospinology, also known as the Grostic Technique. With this technique we focus on aligning the upper cervical spine. Upper cervical work is a gentle technique that corrects misalignments in the head and neck area to relieve pressure on muscles and nerves.

Gentle and Thorough

Gentle and thorough chiropractic care.

Gentle and thorough chiropractic care.

When Dr. Carringer is adjusting a patient using the Grostic Technique, he explains each step as he performs it, so you always know what to expect. “I’m going to be looking for misalignments to see if we can find what’s causing your discomfort. But I do this differently from most chiropractors.” During an upper cervical adjustment, Dr. Carringer:

  • Doesn’t manipulate any of your joints
  • Uses very specific X-rays to measure the misalignment
  • Shows you your misalignment before he adjusts you
  • Uses instruments to put the vertebrae back in position
  • Takes post-adjustment X-rays to remeasure and make sure we’ve got things in the right position

The Grostic Technique is very gentle – you won’t feel the bone move or hear any sort of pop.

One of a Kind

“There aren’t really any other upper cervical doctors around this area, and most upper cervical doctors adjust only that area.” Dr. Carringer performs upper cervical adjustments on every patient, but will also adjust the rest of the spine, depending on your particular needs. “I’ll do whatever we need to do to get you better as quickly as possible.” When adjusting other areas of the spine, Dr. Carringer relies on Activator Method®. For adjustments of the pelvis, he will use a Thompson drop table.

Weight loss

We want you to feel good!

Weight Loss for Wellness

We are here to support you in your wellness journey, no matter what that might mean for you. For some, it might mean enhancing your diet and exercise. Dr. Carringer has developed a weight loss program that incorporates more than fifteen years of experience with healthy living, good nutrition, and exercise. Read more>>

Toccoa Massage Therapy

Massage Therapy

Caring for Your Muscles as Well

Another service that Dr. Carringer is proud to offer is massage. Keeping your muscles and connective tissue healthy helps support proper alignment and better overall health. Read more»

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