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Toccoa & Lavonia Weight Loss Program

Doctor Developed, with Proven Results

Dr. Carringer has compiled best practices from his education and experience. “I’ve developed a weight loss program that has proven results for patients like you!”

Toccoa Weight Loss program

We are here to support you in your wellness journey.

The information, gathered over more than 15 years of practice, includes exercise as well as nutrition. “I cover everything right down to the type of water filters you use in your house. It is, after all, about wellness, not just weight loss.”

Keeping it Manageable

“I know that you aren’t going to want to keep up a lifestyle that takes away from you all the things you love. So, you and I will sit down together to discuss your goals. We’ll talk about what you want to accomplish, and we’ll talk about whether the time frame is reasonable.”

You’ll have a binder and a journal to keep track of your food and your exercise, so you can see what works for you and what doesn’t. I’ve made it easy to implement, so you’ll enjoy sticking with it.

You Can Do This!

The program is structured over 6 weeks, and is completely one on one. After the 6 weeks, you may opt to continue with maintenance visits, which are typically once a month.

“I’ll present you new information each week, just enough to inspire you. Each week we’ll build on what you’ve already learned so you can continue to achieve your goals!”

My Knowledge for Your Best Success

“This is my knowledge that I want to pass along to you. There are no gimmicks, no shakes, and no pills – just the information you need to help you on your weight loss journey.”

I’d love to help you be healthier and feel better. Let’s talk about how we can get you on the road to a healthier you. Come in to either our Toccoa office or Lavonia office or call today. (706) 886-6855 & (706) 356-1041